September 2017

For the month of September 2017 Cadence Capital Limited returned a positive gross performance of 0.4% compared to an increase in the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index of 0.1%. For the past 12 months, Cadence Capital Limited returned a positive gross performance of 13.8% outperforming the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index by 5.3%. As at the 30 September 2017 the fund was holding 6% cash (94% invested).

Cadence Capital Limited recently announced a Share Purchase Plan (SPP). This SPP offers existing shareholders, on the register on the 3 October 2017, the opportunity to acquire up to $15,000 worth of Cadence shares at $1.259 per share. This price:

  • represents a discount to the share price close on 2 October 2017 of $1.32.
  • equates to a fully franked dividend yield of 6.4% based on the 2017 interim and full year dividends.
  • is equivalent to the recent DRP price of $1.25929.

The SPP gives shareholders the opportunity to buy shares at a discount to the current share price without incurring brokerage. The Cadence Management team participated in the recent DRP and intend to participate in the SPP. They continue to be the largest shareholders in the Company. SPP documents and application forms will be sent out to shareholders on the 10 October 2017. Over the coming week Cadence will be releasing the September 2017 Quarterly Webcast that will discuss this SPP in detail.

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  • The mining services cycle
  • Where we are in the cycle?
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Cadence Capital Limited (ASX: CDM) is one of Australia’s top performing Listed Investment Companies.