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External Interviews, Videos

Commsec Executive Series – Karl Siegling, Cadence Capital Limited

November, 2017

In this Commsec Executive Series interview, Karl Siegling discusses recent fund performance and outlines the Company’s Share Purchase Plan (SPP).

External Interviews, Videos

ASX Investment Video – Karl Siegling ‘The Investor’s Dilemma’

September, 2017

Hope, fear, greed – how do you hold the course during periods of volatility? Karl Siegling, Portfolio Manager Cadence Capital shares with the ASX  how an active fund manager invests through the cycles and explains the dangers of that ‘comfortable feeling’ of holding too much cash.

External Interviews

Karl Siegling speaks at SMSF2017 – Summit & Investment Expo, Sydney

July, 2017

Karl Siegling speaks to Jessica Amir from the Finance News Network at the SMSF2017 summit in Sydney.

External Interviews, Videos

CommSec Executive Series Interviews Karl Siegling

September, 2016

Tom Piotrowski speaks with Cadence Capital (CDM) Founder & Portfolio Manager, Karl Siegling about the company’s dividend policy and the current mix of its portfolio.

External Interviews

Simon Bonouvrie on Livewire Buy Hold Sell: Winners from emerging trends

March, 2016

In this episode of Buy Hold Sell Livewire looks at three companies trying to exploit the structural shifts in infrastructure, demographics, technological disruption and emerging export markets.

External Interviews

Livewire interviews Karl Siegling | Powerful themes remain intact for 2016

February, 2016

Karl Siegling says rather than looking for what has changed in 2016 investors should turn their attention to the powerful themes that shaped investment returns in 2016.