Masters of the Market : Secrets of Australia’s leading sharemarket investors (1st Edition)

I first read this book not long after it was published in 2003 and really enjoyed it.  At the time there were many books written on successful American fund managers, but Masters of the Market was the first book to focus on Australian fund managers.

Each chapter in the book is an interview with a successful Australian fund manager.  The fund managers are: Robert Maple-Brown, Greg Perry, Peter Morgan, Brian Price, Alex Waislitz, Jim and Robert Millner, Sir Ron Brierley and Gary Weiss, Tim Hughes, Anton Tagliaferro, Peter Hall, David Paradice, Erik Metanomski, and Geoff Wilson.

I read the book again this year (2016) and again found it well worth reading.  I also looked up each fund manager to find out what they are doing now, and found that the majority were still involved in funds management and had continued to perform well.