The Rise and Rise of Kerry Packer

The Rise And Rise Of Kerry Packer by Paul Barry

Whilst we haven’t recommended too many biographies on our recommended books list, this one most certainly deserves its place. As far as reputations go, there aren’t many Australian businessmen on the same league as the late Kerry Packer.

As far as biographies go, Paul Barry does an excellent job at delivering a balanced, detailed and interesting read. The author’s introduction to Kerry Packer’s story starts from the very beginning with the – also remarkable in its own right – story of his father Frank Packer.

The book showcases Packer’s tenacity, wit and business-like nature whilst adding a human layer to his personality by talking about his unpredictable mood and acts of generosity, amongst many other things.

We recommend this book as a reminder of how a business’ success can often be due to a specific, remarkable personality. Kerry Packer accumulated wealth and influence like no other Australian before him, and his story can certainly offer lessons for anyone interested in business and investing in Australia.