Cadence Opportunities Fund

Cadence Opportunities Fund Supplementary and Original Prospectus

The Supplementary Prospectus describes how to:

  • Stay invested in the Cadence Opportunities Fund (no need to do anything)
  • Withdraw your application
  • Invest additional funds into the Cadence Opportunities Fund

If you have any questions in relation to this Supplementary Prospectus please contact us on (02) 8298 2450. If you have any specific questions on how to complete an application form or how to withdraw your application, please contact Boardroom Pty Limited on 1300 737 760.

Introduction to the Fund

Watch an introductory video that discusses the Cadence Opportunities Fund.
This new Listed Investment Company will have a greater focus on shorter term price trends than our existing fund, Cadence Capital Limited.

Independent Investment Research Report – Recommended Rating

Independent Investment Research (IIR) has assigned Cadence Opportunities Fund a Recommended rating.

As Manager to the new fund we would encourage you to read the prospectus in detail and make any enquiries in relation to the Prospectus you may have.

The Manager and Directors are applying for $2.16M under the offer, as always aligning our interests with our shareholders. In addition the Manager is bearing ALL costs of the offer so that the NTA on day one will be $1.25, the same as the offer price per share.

Riding the Resources and Mining Services Tailwinds
  • The inter-relationship between commodity prices, resource and mining services company profits
  • The mining services cycle
  • Where we are in the cycle?
  • Examples of recent mining services investments:
    • Emeco Holdings (ASX: EHL)
    • Macmahon Holdings (ASX: MAH)
    • Boom Logistics (ASX: BOL)

Cadence Capital Limited (ASX: CDM) is one of Australia’s top performing Listed Investment Companies.