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Seneca Live interview with Karl Siegling – Cycles & stocks

December, 2018

                              Jordan Travers & Luke Laretive sat down with Karl Siegling to chat stocks, strategy and the new Cadence Opportunities Fund.

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2018 Annual General Meeting & Investor Briefing – Video

December, 2018

 In this video Karl Siegling, Alan Crozier and Charlie Gray, portfolio managers of Cadence Capital Limited, give an update on the Company’s performance, discuss the Company’s top stock holdings and a brief outlook for 2019.

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Presentation | Active investing through cycles

November, 2018

 History has shown that investment opportunities can be missed in volatile markets. In this presentation recorded by Livewire at The Australian Shareholders Association LIC conference, Karl Siegling explains the new Cadence Opportunities Fund IPO which aims to generate alpha by taking advantage of shorter duration trends by scaling into and out of stocks and […]

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September 2018 Webcast

October, 2018

 In this Webcast, Karl Siegling discusses the company’s performance for the September 2018 quarter, including a more detailed review of two current positions in the portfolio, ARQ Group (ASX:ARQ) and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (NYSE:TEVA). He then concludes with an updated outlook for the fund, and a brief overview of the upcoming Cadence Opportunities Fund […]

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June 2018 Webcast

August, 2018

 In this Webcast, Karl Siegling discusses the company’s expected record profit for 2018, stocks that performed well for the year and details of the final dividend. He briefly discusses global growth, the company’s outlook over the coming year and then concludes by introducing the upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) – Cadence Opportunities Fund.