Cadence Opportunities Fund

Karl Siegling discusses the company’s upcoming LIC with Informed Investor

July 31, 2018


In this video Karl discusses the company’s upcoming LIC and the following key points:


    • Details of the new listing and how it differs from their existing Fund
    • The investment mandate and reasons behind the shorter-term focus of the new product
    • The structure of the upcoming offer
    • Karl’s future role

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Riding the Resources and Mining Services Tailwinds
  • The inter-relationship between commodity prices, resource and mining services company profits
  • The mining services cycle
  • Where we are in the cycle?
  • Examples of recent mining services investments:
    • Emeco Holdings (ASX: EHL)
    • Macmahon Holdings (ASX: MAH)
    • Boom Logistics (ASX: BOL)

Cadence Capital Limited (ASX: CDM) is one of Australia’s top performing Listed Investment Companies.