Reframing by Richard Bandler Book Cover

Reframing by Richard Bandler

Even though this book doesn’t focus on specific stock picking techniques or financial theory, its introduction to the concept of ‘reframing’ can be highly beneficial for anyone interested in participating in the market.

The techniques discussed are universal and they could be applied to a broad range of situations – including investing.

Reframing refers to the process of consciously changing how you perceive an event, and to alter what it means to you. This reframing, it is argued, trains a person to see a different side of a situation, and empowers them to shape the impact and meaning of the events in their lives.

The ability to have control over how situations affect you, in terms of investing, is definitely something worth taking the time to research and learn about.

The book explains Richard Bandler’s reframing techniques, and encourages the reader to use these to take control of how situations affect them. Bandler is a linguist, speaker and a leader in his field. We encourage you to read this book.