JULY 2023
JULY 2023

Cadence Capital Limited returned a positive gross performance of 2.3% in July, compared to the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index which was up 3.0% for the month. The top contributors to performance during July were Iris Energy, Meta Platforms, Tietto Minerals, Qantas Airways, Capstone Copper and Genworth Financial. The largest detractors from performance were Tourism Holdings Rentals, Patriot Battery Metals and Sierra Rutile.

Meta Platforms shares rose after the company released its second quarter earnings in late July, which again beat expectations.  The Reality Labs division, which focuses on developing virtual reality hardware and software is still loss making. We expect this division to continue to lose money in the short term, but eventually it will either make money or be scaled back, both of which would significantly benefit the Meta Platforms bottom line.

Our holding in Genworth Financial performed well in July and has continued to perform well in August. Genworth owns approximately 80% of Enact which delivered a strong quarterly result as well as the announcement of a new USD 100m share buyback program. Genworth will participate in the buyback on a pro rata basis so that its shareholding in Enact is not diluted.

CDM Share Price discount to NTA

At the time of writing this newsletter, CDM is trading at a pre-tax NTA discount of around 5% whilst holding significant cash balances. If all the shares in the portfolio fell by 7%, the pre-tax NTA would still be above the share price. To put it another way, the shares in the portfolio can be bought at a 7% discount to their underlying value.

Fund NTA

Fund Performance

Fully Franked Dividends Declared Since Listing

On the 28th of April the Company paid its 4.0 cent fully franked half-year dividend. After paying this
dividend the Company still has 22 cents per share of profits reserves to pay future dividends.

Historic Portfolio Exposure

Portfolio Sector Analysis

Portfolio Market Capitalisation Analysis

Recent News

To hear CDM’s latest Quarterly Audiocast please click here. In this audiocast, Karl Siegling firstly discusses the Company’s recent performance, CDM’s Total Shareholder Return (incl. franking), CDM’s Share Price vs NTA and the current composition of the portfolio. Karl then discusses some of CDM’s current investment themes and then looks in detail at two of its current investments, Newcrest Mining and Meta Platforms. Karl finishes with the outlook for the rest of the year.

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We encourage you to visit our 52 books you should read before buying your next stock page on our website. We have compiled a list of books/ documentaries that have influenced our investment style or helped provide insight into the Cadence investment process.

10 Books To Read Before Buying Your Next Stock

10 Books To Read Before Buying Your Next Stock

Funds management involves a lot of synthesis of information and reading. Over the years we all end up reading many investment books and refer to them from time to time.

The team at Cadence has compiled a list of books that have influenced our investment style, or helped provide insight into the investment process.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the 10 titles contained in this eBook provide a good starting point for any interested investor.

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