September 2016

For the month of September 2016 Cadence Capital Limited returned a positive gross performance of 0.08% compared to an increase in the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index of 0.40%. For the first quarter of the financial year, Cadence Capital Limited has returned a positive gross performance of 6.83% compared to an increase in the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index of 5.30%

In August the Company announced a 4.0 cent fully-franked final dividend. The Ex-Date for the dividend is the 18th October 2016 and the payment date is the 27th October 2016. Shareholders are able to participate in the Dividend Re-Investment Plan (“DRP”) at a 3% discount. The DRP Record Date is 21st October 2016.

As at the 30th September 2016 the fund was holding 30% cash (70% invested).

Fund NTA


* The NTA’s and Share price are post the 5.0c fully franked interim dividend

Fund Performance


* Before Management and Performance Fees

**These numbers include the franking value of the substantial dividend from its RHG holding received in May 2011.

CDM Share Price and Option Returns plus Dividends & Franking


* CDM 1 year figures reflect the share price move from a premium to a discount to NTA

Fully Franked Dividends Declared Since Listing

CDM Fully Franked Dividends Declared Since Listing

* Off market equal access buy back

Historic Portfolio Exposure


Portfolio Sector Analysis


Top Portfolio Positions


Recent News Articles

Karl Siegling discusses Cadence Capital Limited’s portfolio and the company’s dividend yield in an interview with Tom Piotrowski for the CommSec Executive Series. Watch the video interview on our website. Karl was also quoted by the SMH in two articles titled NEXTDC, Data#3 lead Aussie tech stocks higher still and “Will a US rate rise dampen the commodity rally?”.

New book reviews have been added to the 52 Books You Should Read Before Buying Your Next Stock list on our website including The Warren Buffett Way by Robert Hagstrom, Elliott Wave Principle: Key To Market Behaviour by Robert Prechter Jr. and The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman. We share links to interesting articles which you can find in the Interesting Links section.

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10 Books To Read Before Buying Your Next Stock

Funds management involves a lot of synthesis of information and reading. Over the years we all end up reading many investment books and refer to them from time to time.

The team at Cadence has compiled a list of books that have influenced our investment style, or helped provide insight into the investment process.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the 10 titles contained in this eBook provide a good starting point for any interested investor.